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What your divorce attorney can’t tell you

Engaged in a high conflict divorce? Are you the target of a “blamer”, a spouse who perceives you to be all-bad and who creates lies and manipulation to get what they want? Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed? Well, it’s time to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to gain control of the litigation, information your attorney either doesn’t know or can’t tell you.

Today, simply divorcing and hiring an attorney isn’t enough. If you are a spouse contemplating getting a divorce, immersed in a divorce or in post-divorce litigation you must be prepared and educated every step of the way by professionals armed with the information you will acquire nowhere else. This information will tilt the legal playing field in your favor. Whatever your goals may be, can learn how to achieve them.

Gain financial independence, protect your assets, keep what you earn and gain custodial rights over your children. Determine your destiny for the rest of your life.


  • Divorce mistakes and best practices
  • Strategies to overcome child custody and child support issues
  • Prevent a lengthy and expensive high conflict divorce involving minor children
  • How to become the primary parent and primary residence for the family
  • Complete preparation for fair equitable distribution of the finances
  • Getting past unfair bias and inequitable divorce outcomes
  • Create your own post-divorce destiny to maximize your opportunity to start your life over

Get the most out of your lawyer and dictate the outcome of your divorce; your way.

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