What will it be like to divorce in 2018? Thank you, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for letting me see what my cheating spouse has been up too!

Think your private photos are private on Facebook? Think again. Contemplating a divorce? Wondering how you will survive a rough high-conflict divorce? Welcome the digital age in 2018.

Through the use of social media and social media tools, you can discover many things you never knew about your spouse, a secret life, or maybe even their own divorce plans.

Divorce can cost you your livelihood, put you into bankruptcy, cause you to lose your home and even custody of your children if you’re not prepared.

Now, Facebook users save thousands and thousands of dollars by discovering secrets on theirs, yours and mine: On Facebook or in Facebook Messenger. There are many discoveries found on social media, cell device or even cable carriers.

It’s easy. Most privacy setting and security settings on Facebook default in favor of the advertiser. Friends using Facebook rarely go into their settings and re-set each and every line item they see. To ensure couples have the privacy they need to go through a long and arduous process. Most do not.

This is only a small window into divorce discovery. “Win at Divorce”  … tbc.

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