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Get trained for the Custody Evaluation, requesting an Independent Psychological Evaluation.

The key in the overall divorce process is that you wind up in the driver’s seat: that you obtain all the keys that open all the doors to all the potential outcomes of the dissolution proceedings. Moreover, you must take a Machiavellian approach to the proceedings and realize that the best way to prevail and even bring the matter to a quick close before a long drawn out court hearing even begins, is to gain powerful leverage over your opponent. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge to do just that.

The divorce itself often evolves into a complex two front battle, in which both fronts are inevitably intertwined. The personal component or social component front concerns the shape of the family post-divorce. The lynchpin here is who will become the custodial or primary residential parent. This is the parent that is likely to receive child support. Herein, lies the beginning of the intermingling of the social with the financial aspects (second front) of the divorce proceedings.

Our Work

We are going to acquaint you with what a custody evaluation is, the purposes it serves, and how to approach it in a prepared and confident manner. In fact, we are going provide you with enough knowledge to be able to answer every question you are asked, both oral and written during this evaluation in the appropriate way, something that psychologist “experts” say is impossible to do.

Nonetheless, we know that it is in fact eminently possible. We are going to teach you the proper way to answer questions in a deposition and the correct way to carry yourself and answer question when giving testimony in court.

Being prepared, can stop you from having to give up most of your heard earned savings or from having to give up a large portion of your paycheck each month. It can bring you closer to your children as they spend the majority of their formative years in your home. With the divorce behind you will have been set free to build a new life that is confrontation free. You can build your career in an environment in which you get to keep what you earn. We define true peace as the presence of justice in an environment free of conflict.

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