Divorce Preparation

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    You will learn about the true purpose of a deposition: what is its goal. You must know how to answer questions in a deposition in the correct way. This is where most litigants make huge mistakes and lay the foundation for their ultimate divorce failure.

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    We teach you the purpose of a court-appointed psychologist, how to handle each and every question this professional may ask you. The psychologist will give you a battery of tests which are supposed to “read” your personality on multiple levels. The tests are reported to be 100% accurate and not subject to “manipulation”, but this is simply a lie. We will teach you how to correctly handle each and every test.  

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    We give you all the tools necessary to counter the blamer, take control of the divorce process and bring peace and stability to your life and the life of your family. WAD, means closure, peace and justice and the end of the divorce process.

The key in the overall divorce process is that you wind up in the driver’s seat: that you obtain all the keys that open all the doors to all the potential outcomes of the dissolution proceedings. The best way to prevail and even bring the matter to a quick close before a long drawn out court hearing even begins is to gain powerful leverage over your opponent. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge to do just that.

 The divorce itself often evolves into a complex two-front battle, in which both fronts are inevitably intertwined. The personal component or social component front concerns the shape of the family post-divorce. The lynchpin here is who will become the custodial or primary residential parent. This is the parent that is likely to receive child support. Herein, lies the beginning of the intermingling of the social with the financial aspects (second front) of the divorce proceedings.

Objective Tests

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (“MMPI-2”).
Rorschach Inkblot Test
The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Draw-a-Person test


Divorce litigation is an unwieldy process that, left to its own devices is subject to great error and can quickly spiral out of control. We teach you how to take control of the legal process in ways that your attorney cannot and thereby, tilt the playing field in your direction. This will greatly improve your ultimate outcome and will serve to enhance the quality of your life for decades to come.

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